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Supporters And Partners

Ocean ProTect

It is ever more apparent that humanity is intricately connected to nature. We are all part of the natural world and achieving balance with the whole is vital for our collective survival and wellbeing. A cornerstone of that natural world is our ocean.

Great Barrier ReEF Legacy

Great Barrier Reef Legacy is an innovative leader in collaborative coral reef research expeditions, education, stewardship and multi-media engagement.

A not-for-profit social enterprise, Great Barrier Reef Legacy was created to address the urgent need to secure the long-term survival of the Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs world-wide.

Australian Government

The Great Barrier Marine Park Authority is Australia’s lead management agency for the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s most iconic natural areas.

They have provided world-leading marine park management since 1975. They are a strong, efficient and agile natural resource regulator entrusted by Australia with the responsibility of managing the natural wonder that is the Marine Park.

Woohoo Body

Woohoo All Natural Deodorants are the best thing that will ever happen to your armpits. They’re the healthy, toxin-free alternative to antiperspirant deodorants that will keep you BO free all day long.

Their deodorants are 100% natural, vegan, and made with organic ingredients in Newcastle NSW by husband and wife team Aaron and Phoebe.


Dodoland’s focus is; Design, Ecology and Originality.

Simple design with a magic tweak and a spoonful of cuteness!

The materials they use are recycled, sustainable and biodegradable. Their inks are eco-friendly and their glue is non-toxic. They minimize the plastic they use out of respect for the environment. All their ideas are 100% original and protected by international patents.

Dodoland… made with love and care since 2011.

pure planet club

Pure Planet Club is an eco-friendly online store supplying plastic-free toilet paper, and a growing range of personal care products. More than that, we’re a community united by a common purpose – caring for the planet. Pure Planet Club’s mission is to empower households to make eco-conscious choices in their everyday purchases and reduce their environmental impact. We believe in plastic free.