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Donate Shares


We have partnered with ShareGift Australia to make donating shares simple and inexpensive. ShareGift Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that provides you with an easy way to sell and donate small parcels of shares.

The organisation was set-up by the National Australia Bank and JBWere, to help Australian registered charities.

The Sea Turtle Foundation is an approved charity of the ShareGift Australia Independent Charitable Fund.

ShareGift Australia can sell your shares which can then assist a wide range of Australian charities. ShareGift will convert your shares into charitable donations without you having to pay costly brokerage.   ShareGift sell your shares on market, therefore they receive their full market value.  ShareGift has distributed 100% of the market value of the shares donated and it is important to note that it is the board’s intention that this is to continue.  Administrative costs have been covered by ShareGift corporate sponsors to date.

What is the process?

  1. Print out and complete the ShareGift donation form.
  2. Scan and email the form to  or post to ShareGift Australia, GPO Box 2050, MELBOURNE VIC 3001.
  3. ShareGift will arrange for the shares to be sold through one of their participating brokers free of brokerage.
  4. You will receive a separate letter from ShareGift Australia with details of the share sale, which you can keep as a receipt for tax purposes.
  5. We would also appreciate you telling us of your act of generosity, as your personal details, are confidential to ShareGift Australia, and we only receive your donation. This way we can make sure we thank you personally and use the donation consistent with your wishes.